Computer Lab Review:
1. Test practice: Complete both passages

2. Vocabulary in Context practice

3. EOG Practice Vocabulary
Go through practice words, then go through the Scatter and Space Race to practice:

Text Structure:


Context Clues:

1. As a deterrent to burglars, my father put a sign on our lawn that says, “Beware of pit bull.”
2. When the boss said that the company profits were down, the implication was that nobody would be getting a raise.
3. Most Americans consider it an inequity that some millionaires pay less in taxes than ordinary citizens do.
4. Rick uses a wheelchair, but he doesn’t let his infirmity keep him from traveling.
5. The protestors may picket the nuclear power plant as long as they don’t infringe on other people’s right to enter and exit freely. Let’s practice more on finding out what unknown words mean! Number #1-10Ò

Grammar Practice:

Read each sentence below. Rewrite the sentence, circle the conjunction, and put a comma in the correct place.

1. Limited rainfall or lengthy drought can cause wildfires but these fires can also be caused by campfires or a stray match.

2. Helicopters can drop chemicals to slow flames and firefighters can set up fire lines.

3. Tiny bonsai trees may look like young plants but they are full grown.

4. Many areas in the world are covered with trees but the Arctic tundra is treeless.

5. Moisture is absorbed and then it evaporates and falls as rain.

March 13th-14th Lab activities:

1. Go to Choose two articles from your mailbox. Read the article and complete all activities. Remember your goal is 80% or above! Explore types of context clues using this website(notice it says college reading):
College Context Clues3. Practice using context clues playing these word games (choose 3 to play):

4. Now practice more using more vocabulary practice(choose 4 to complete)
Context Clues Practice

5. Then you can explore other games:

Books we are reading include:Farewell to Manzanar, Woodsong, Chinese Cinderella, Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank Remembered, Leon's Story

Fake facebook page for African American History project:

Enrichment project for figurative language(due Thursday, December 20th):

Find out more about the great jazz musicians like "Herman E. Calloway":


Reading Project on Quarter 1 reading of "Bud, Not Buddy" or "Elijah of Buxton"

Due date is November 16th!

Here is the attached project choices and guidelines:

Check out some of the mini-projects we have been working on in class: