Root Vocabulary is an important aspect for increasing achievement in Language Arts. It is your job to work with these words in homework activities and master their meaning to decode thousands of words!

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Root #7 MIN means small
  1. mince- to cut into very small pieces
  2. miniature- a small copy
  3. minimum- the least amount possible
  4. minuet- a dance marked by small steps
  5. minuscule- very small
  6. minstrel- a lesser person who serves by entertaining
  7. minute- marked by attention to small details
  8. minister- a lesser person who serves by helping
  9. minus- less
  10. minor- smaller, underage

Homework schedule- Word maps(completed in google slides or on paper) due Friday, March 6th.
Short story or comic strip due Thursday, March 12th.
Flashcards and Root Quiz on Friday, March 20th.

Root #6 ARCH means ruler

  1. archenemy- a chief enemy
  2. archangel- ruling angel
  3. anarchy- without rule; chaos
  4. monarch- one chief ruler
  5. hierarchy- a body of rulers arranged by rank
  6. archipelago- chief sea, now any sea spread with islands
  7. architect- chief builder
  8. archive- chief or public records
  9. archetype- chief or original pattern
  10. archrival- a chief rival

Homework schedule: Word maps due Thursday, Feb. 5th(either submitted in google classroom or written on paper neatly!)
Short story, comic, or poem due Thursday, Feb. 12th(either submitted in google classroom or written neatly with words highlighted)
Flashcards and quiz on Friday, Feb. 20th

Root #5 GEO/TERR means earth

geology- science that deals with earth’s history recorded in rocks
geometry- math that deals with the measurement of the earth
terrace- a level platform of earth
subterranean- lying under the surface of the earth
geode- an earth-shaped stone with crystals inside
inter- to bury in the earth
geography- science that records facts about the earth’s surface
Mediterranean- the sea located in the middle region of earth
geocentric- taking the earth as the center
terrain-the physical features of a region of the earth

Homework Schedule-
Word maps(on google drive or hand-written) due by the end of the day Friday, January 9th
Short story, comic strip, or poem due Thursday, January 15th
Flashcards and Root Quiz Thursday, January 22nd

Root #4 ASTRA, STELL means STAR
1. astronomy: science which studies stars and their movements
2. asteroid: a starlike body in space; a small planet
3. constellation: a group of stars
4. stelliform: star-shaped
5. astrodome: clear dome of an aircraft for viewing the stars and sky
6. astrologer: person who examines the stars’ influence on people
7. stellar: like a star; most important
8. aster: a fall flower shaped like a star
9. asterisk: a star used in printing to refer to a margin note
10. disaster: event that occurs under the influence of a negative star; a calamity

Homework Schedule:
10 word maps due Thursday, December 4th
A short story, comic strip, or poem due
Thursday, December 11th
ASTRA/STELL Root Quiz #7 on Friday, December 19th

Root #3 FLAM/PYRO means fire
  1. pyrography- art of wood-burning, usually done on wood or leather
  2. pyrophobia- fear of fire
  3. pyrite- fool’s gold; mineral that can strike fire
  4. inflammation- infection marked by redness and heat
  5. pyromania- persistent impulse to set fires
  6. inflammatory- tending to fire up emotions
  7. pyre- pile of wood for burning a dead body
  8. flamboyant- showy, with flame-like curves
  9. flammable- easily set on fire
  10. pyrotechnics- fireworks

Homework schedule-
Word maps(on google drive slides or hand-drawn) due on Thursday, November 6th
Short story, comic strip, or poem(on google drive document or hand-written) due Thursday, November 13th
Flashcards and Quiz on Friday, November 21st

Root #2 PHON means Sound

Euphony: beautiful sounds

Cacophony: harsh sounds

Symphony: instrumental piece in which musicians play together

Phonics: the science of sounds, used as a method of teaching reading

Microphone: instrument for intensifying sounds

Homophone: a letter or word expressing the same sound as another

Xylophone: an instrument of wooden bars that makes a ringing sound when struck

Phonolite: type of volcanic rock that makes a ringing sound when struck

Antiphony: a series of musical answers sung back and forth between groups

Aphonia: loss of voice due to paralysis of the vocal chords

Homework schedule: Word Maps due Thursday, October 9th

Short story, poem, or comic strip due Thursday, October 16th

Flashcards and Quiz on Friday, October 24th

Root Word #1: Gen- meaning birth or origin

Progeny- the child born to a person

Generous- very giving, as if born with plenty of money

Genius- a person born with great intelligence

Gender- the sex a person is born, male or female

Genteel- elegant, graceful, as typical of a one born to the upper class

Generic- typical of an original, but not coming from the true source

Generation- a group of people born around the same time

Genesis- the birth or origin of something

Genuine- originating from one true source

Indigenous- born in, growing naturally in a particular region


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